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CleanPilot in Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

Safe and efficient cost-cutting process at the Oslo University Hospital that takes care of both cleaners and quality requirements.

In the spring of 2017, the cleaning department at Oslo University Hospital was faced with new demands for cost cuts of several million NOK. Over several years, OUS has implemented cuts in part by reducing the cleaning frequencies. However, they could not go further down in frequency. The solution was therefore to optimize the cleaning through more detailed analyses.

The OUS Cleaning Department worked with Datec’s department using Jonathan Clean as a digital tool. Together they found small adjustments to tasks that provided great overall effects in total time savings. Additionally, they improved control over work distribution and the load management for each cleaner.

In a relatively short period of time, new cleaning plans for all cleaners were published digitally through CleanPilot. Each cleaner learned how to update their cleaning plans on the iPad. Publishing plans digitally through CleanPilot enabled the team to implement the new cleaning plans practically and quickly.

Internally at OUS, this has become a success story for the management, the cleaning department and the cleaners because with modern digital tools one can safeguard all aspects of the cleaning delivery in a safe and cost-effective manner.

– “We achieved good results, and the management at OUS is satisfied.”

–Rigmor Lukkassen, Head of the Housekeeping Department at Oslo University Hospital.