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CleanPilot Direct creates value for cleaning managers

The best digital management tool provides real-time data and an overview of each project, right on the manager's PC.

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Why CleanPilot Direct?


Digitital standard for all projects


Complete overview of all projects

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Support for optimization and improvement


Simplified temp and standard resource management


Improved quality work with INSTA800


Efficient and continous documentation provides simplified customer handling


Simplified communication with customers and cleaners

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Lower sick leave rate


Documented extra work that can be invoiced to customer

Efficient documentation ensures dependable resource management and deviation reporting. This results in lower sick leave rates and simplified customer communication.

The portal that provides the manager full overview 

With real-time data at hand, managers are able to properly follow up with their cleaning staff, manage absences more easily, and distribute tasks to employees and temps.

Deviation management is a breeze when you receive solid documentation from the cleaning staff, and additional invoicing is easier when it can be documented in real time.

Reports are also automatically updated and made available in the portals, which allows managers to analyze data and develop performance improvement plans on an ongoing basis.

Managers are able to define own dashboards with selected key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with each cleaning project, such as tasks performed, deviations, and INSTA controls.


Increased transparency and trust between the customer and supplier

Through good documentation and real-time reports displayed in the CleanPilot Value customer portal, long discussions regarding extra work are no longer necessary.

The cleaner can document the need to perform extra cleaning tasks and the manager can analyze those needs over time. Task descriptions can then later be modified to increase the quality of the service delivery for the customer.

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