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CleanPilot Plan creates value for the planner

The industry's most professional planning tool for creating flexible cleaning plans, with calculations features and a full overview.


Why CleanPilot Plan?


Effective and secure calculations


Easy to update


100% web-based


Easy resource management in case of changes in staffing or redistribution of work


Smart plans that enable many plans in the same project


Smart tool for change and deviation management


Full flexibility and overview


Import of drawings


Plan and calculate and plan all types of projects within the Cleaning and Facility Service

Smart plans give you better control over the service delivery, without the need to make multiple copies of the project.

The industry's smartest tool for planning and calculation

CleanPilot Plan provides full flexibility, and can be easily adapted to your own business needs. 

The planning phase is key to properly dimensioning any cleaning delivery. With the help of CleanPilot Plan, you will ensure a comprehensive cleaning plan that everyone involved has access to. Here you can make calculations and get a good overview of costs, regardless of whether you are delivering to customers or budgeting your own cleaning delivery.

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CleanPilot Plan covers the entire process

With CleanPilot Plan, you can collect data via drawings and create cleaning plans that include tasks, frequency, and key figures. You can also link this information to the rooms to be cleaned and continuously update the cleaning schedules of the cleaners.

Users can also add more advanced calculation templates, for example cost calculation and budgeting, as well as manage benchmarking and improvement processes directly in the system.

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