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CleanPilot provides value at every level

Discover our user-friendly, web-based concept that is tailored for modern, need-based cleaning. Plan, manage and optimize cleaning deliveries with ease!

The industry's most complete cleaning management system

Welcome to the future cleaning experience with CleanPilot! Our revolutionary concept is the industry's most innovative and reliable cleaning system, which truly improves everyday life for everyone involved. Explore tailored tools that promote collaboration throughout all key processes in cleaning deliveries.

With CleanPilot you achieve simple interaction and dynamic processes, and you can easily connect to sensors, robots and other smart machines.


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CleanPilot products

Our four products are adapted to the different roles in the cleaning process: Planner - Cleaner - Leader - Customer
Simple planning and calculation tool for dynamic processes. Calculations, cost allocations, and financial management can also be made with this tool.
App dedicated for cleaners with unique functions for communication and documentation.
Easy web-based tool for real-time overview and communication with cleaners and customers.
Customer portal granting easy access and overview to transparent deliveries and reports, as well as discrepancies and orders.

Server information

Our portals are cloud-based, with hosting services from highly secure providers. All security aspects are taken care of, and our solutions are suitable for all types of institutions, from government organisation, hospitals to larger cleaning agencies with high requirements for security and reliability.  

Staff shortages no longer pose major problems in our daily operations. With CleanPilot, our staff receives work plans that inform which rooms should be prioritized - a guide and helping hand throughout the working day.
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All cleaning data in one place

The cleaning delivery is becoming increasingly digital. Data and insights are constantly being generated, making it possible to optimize operations and work smarter. All data must be gathered in one place in order to take advantage of the endless possibilities of the digitization process. Only then, can the long-term business plan be adapted to the actual need.

CleanPilot Connect

CleanPilot Connect is a plug-in in the CleanPilot Suite that allows you to integrate information from sensors into the cleaning plan. Now you can seamlessly connect the cleaning plan to various IoT devices (sensors, smart machines and more). This allows you to dynamically generate or remove, increase, or decrease tasks in the cleaning plan without having to process the data first and communicate changes to the cleaners.

CleanPilot Academy

We beleive that competence and training support are important in all organisations. We therefore work continuously with CleanPilot Academy, our digital competence and training platform that is available to all our users, regardless of role and responsibility - anytime, anywhere. You can now feel confident that your employees have easy access and the flexibility to undergo the training whenever and wherever it fits best. 


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