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The Nordics' prime cleaning management system is developed by the best employees!

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Together we are reshaping and digitizing the cleaning industry

At Datec, you will get the opportunity to work in an innovation-focused environment, alongside a skilled cross-functional team. We offer all employees a comprehensive employee benefits package including full insurance, the possibility of hybrid work, opportunities for skill development, and competitive salary conditions.

You will be part of a team that works together to strengthen CleanPilot's position, and contribute to the digital development of a socially critical industry.


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For 25 years, I have been a part of Datec's innovative everyday life. Constantly meeting people from different parts of the industry gives me the confirmation that our work truly makes a difference. I have great opportunities to develop together with my colleagues and customers, but also via CleanPilot.
Gunn Lauritzen – Key Account Manager


Jörgen Lidvall

Regional Sales Manager Sweden
+46 734 247 368

Jonas Forså

Sales Manager
+47 459 06 721

Customer Success

Gunn Lauritzen

Key Account Manager
+47 406 32 602

Mats Sagberg

Key Account Manager
+47 908 48 877

Caroline Binta Cham

Senior Customer Advisor
+47  72 88 72 88  

Tore Skaret

Customer Advisor
+47  72 88 72 88  

Marius Bjørbu

Customer Advisor
+47 72 88 72 88

Espen Vatningen

Customer Advisor
+47  72 88 72 88  

Hanne Kuhlmann

Support Consultant
+47  72 88 72 88  

Jørgen Dahl Larssen

Operations Manager
+47 930 70 273

Yngve Resell Mo

Director Customer Success
+47 476 46 548

Marthe Midtlyng - On leave

Key Account Manager


Maurice Samulski

Senior Developer

Hien Le

Senior Developer

Muhammad Zubair


Ravi Kumar


Naresh Kumar


Frederik Nålby

Product Manager

Bjørn Olav Erland

Chief Technical Officer
+47 922 50 331


Ann Mari Bade

Marketing Manager
+47 932 64 227

Randa Bakken - On leave

Marketing Consultant


Geir Arne Hansen

Chief Administrative Officer
+47 922 22 135

Jørgen Sannesmoen

Chief Executive Officer
+47 922 50 335

Be a part of our team! 

Our employees always work with the customer in focus, and continuous development is a key driver in our daily work. Here you will get the opportunity to work in an innovation-focused environment, alongside a skilled cross-functional team. 

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Curious about who Datec is? 

Value focus, innovative thinking, customer commitment, as well as a strong presence in important industries, have been some of the key factors contributing to our success. Read more about us!

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