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We create value through training

Seamlessly integrated with CleanPilot, all users get access to training support 24/7.

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Why CleanPilot Academy?


Seamlessly integrated with the CleanPilot suite


Short, informative training videos

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Exercise tasks related to the training videos


Support service if help is needed


Effective onboarding gives the cleaners a sense of mastery


Available to everyone, regardless of role or responsibility


Reduced training costs


Customized content, at the right time

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Increased competence and safety, for managers and cleaners

Easy access to training videos and exercise tasks provides continuous support in carrying out the daily work. Increased mastery leads to increased pride, and increased pride leads to satisfied employees.

Smart, digital training and competence development 

We beleive that competence and training support are important for all organisations. Over the years, we have seen the need to make this available to all employees.

The result is CleanPilot Academy, a digital competence and training platform that is available to all CleanPilot users, regardless of role or responsibility. Anytime, anywhere!

With CleanPilot Academy, you can benefit from reduced training costs, and save a considerable amount of "lost" working hours. You can also now feel confident that your employees always have answers at hand, and the flexibility to undergo the training whenever and wherever it fits best. 

Are you and your organization ready for this new competence development standard?



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