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CleanPilot in Ängelholm Municipality

Ängelholm Municipality is investing heavily in initiatives to digitize various businesses. One of these initiatives is CleanPilot — a digital tool from Datec that simplifies the cleaning process for workers, managers, and businesses needing cleaners.

CleanPilot is a tool that creates an overview of where and how you should clean and an opportunity to easily support each other if needs arise. The tool has been used during a trial project in Ängelholm City Hall with good results. Now it is being rolled out to other buildings within the municipality.

Great difference in work

The idea of ​​using the tool was born out of a need. Maria Svensson, a cleaner who wanted to eliminate paper and pen to check and document her work tasks, discussed it with her colleagues Pia Radil and Annika Jönsson, both cleaning managers. Shortly after, Pia received a CleanPilot seminar invitation from Procurator which sparked her curiosity:

– We work with a lot of autonomy and responsibility in our teams, and we were looking for something that could work as support and security for the cleaning staff. CleanPilot seemed to fit our needs, so we chose to try it, and we are very satisfied.

Pia further explains that CleanPilot has helped them in several ways, among other things by reducing the workload in the cleaning process and making it more flexible. They have been able to move from routine cleaning to needs-cleaning, which has made it possible to standardize the efforts.

For Maria, CleanPilot has transformed her work day in terms of planning and time management:

– CleanPilot has made my daily work day much easier and more efficient. Now I can easily check off my work and get a better overview thanks to this fantastic tool.