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Hospital-Norway chooses CleanPilot

After an extensive tender process, CleanPilot was considered to be the only cleaning system capable of meeting the future requirements set by Hospital-Norway (Sykehus-Norge)
Hospital Construction Agency

CleanPilot has, therefore, entered into an agreement for the delivery of a cleaning system with the Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency (Sykehusbygg), on behalf of four state-owned health authorities. This is a part of a comprehensive agreement for a BIM-based Facility Management Solution.

When the Hospital Contruction Agency issued a tender earlier this year for the Digital Service Platform for Buildings and Real Estate (EBIM), the announcement was divided into three parts, namely "1 Facility Management," "2 Development," and "3 Cleaning". After evaluating all proposals according to the specifications, CleanPilot by Datec was deemed to be the sole provider meeting all the minimum requirements brought forward in the tender.

The healthcare enterprises share a common goal of an efficient value chain associated with the operation and management of properties. Therefore, the parties collectively procured interregional framework agreements for ICT systems for Facility Management and Cleaning.

The healthcare enterprises, Hospital Contruction Agency and the Norwegian Hospital Procurement Trust (Sykehusinnkjøp) conducted a thorough process with multiple rounds of dialogue before a selection of companies was qualified for the bidding phase. The specifications were extensive and demanding, encompassing requirements for information flow and collaboration among the three sub-areas.

The contract was signed on September 27, 2023, and included the potential delivery of CleanPilot to the healthcare enterprises in all four state-owned health authorities. The contract is a framework agreement for 2+1+1 years, with a total framework of 69.4 million Norwegian kroner. The Hospital Contruction Agency is the owner of the contract, but the Hospital Procurement Trust will have the contract management responsibility.

Kickoff meeting CleanPilot Hospital Construction Agency

On October 31st, a kickoff meeting was held at the Hospital Construction Agency´s premises. Present were representatives from Datec, Hospital Construction Agency, Hospital Procurement Trust, and all four health authorities.

Hospital Construction Agency cake signing
The occasion was duly marked with a customised cake. 

"We are very proud of the trust placed in us to deliver CleanPilot as a partial delivery in a comprehensive EBIM system for the entire Hospital-Norway. This will provide hospitals with the opportunity to develop and integrate their digital service cleaning platform into a more holistic Facility Management Solution. This applies to both hospitals that are already CleanPilot users and those that are not. In addition, the Hospital Contruction Agency is facilitating processes to enhance collaboration across health regions. We at Datec support an ambition for a culture of sharing, where best practices in digital information, and development are shared across health regions and professional domains. We look forward to an exciting collaboration," says Jørgen Sannesmoen, CEO of Datec.

The parties had a kick-off meeting at Hospital Contruction Agency´s premises in Trondheim on October 31, 2023, with representatives from all four health authorities, Hospital Contruction Agency, Hospital Procurement, and Datec AS. It was a memorable day when the agreement was finalized, expectations and questions could be clarified, and all parties were ready for the next steps.

"We are pleased to have landed this agreement. We are now faced with the task of gathering and utilizing digital property information in efficient operations. Cleaning is a significant part of this, and together with Datec, I am confident that we will be well-positioned to realize gains," concludes Kenth Hårsaker, Chief of Digitization at Hospital Construction Agency.

Hospital Construction Agency signing CleanPilot

Satisfied agreement parties represented by Jørgen Sannesmoen, CEO of Datec, and Kenth Hårsaker, Director at Hospital Construction Agency