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CleanPilot's sensor integration: From local innovation to international recognition

Our collaboration with Disruptive Technologies, where sensors provide valuable information to create demand-based cleaning, is noticed internationally. Simple plug-and-play installation, and you are ready for Smart Cleaning.
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To strengthen and enhance the CleanPilot concept, we have developed partnerships with other leading suppliers offering complementary services. This allows us to deliver even more comprehensive services in Facility Management and cleaning.

In collaboration with our partners, and most importantly, our customers, we continuously work on further developing the industry and strengthening the role of the cleaner. These innovative processes create significant value for our customers and are noticed, even outside Norway and the Nordic region.

CleanPilot Connect allows for integrations with the best suppliers of sensors and data. For a while now, we have been collaborating with Disruptive Technologies to enable our mutual customers to achieve demand-based cleaning with dynamic cleaning schedules. This groundbreaking collaboration between us has inspired the renowned global magazine "TechHQ" to write an article about our solutions.


Read the article if you want to discover how we, along with our partners, are revolutionizing the cleaning industry. It's so simple yet so valuable in optimizing cleaning operations!

Has your organization not yet adopted the revolutionary IoT integration in the market's best solution? Contact us for more information on how we can help you realize a future-oriented, demand-based cleaning delivery.

Smart Cleaning - in practice!