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CleanPilot is awarded its largest individual contract ever within the healthcare sector!

Healthcare organizations have been a focus area for Datec's CleanPilot concept for many years. Through extensive experience and further development of the concept, new steps are constantly being taken to simplify and enhance cleaning deliveries within the Norwegian healthcare sector. Our latest agreement is also our biggest ever, a trust we are humble about.
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Datec AS was the sole bidder when Sykehusinnkjøp on behalf of Helse Vest, issued the tender competition: System solution for cleaning in healthcare facilities in Helse Vest, securing thereby the largest-ever individual contract within healthcare for CleanPilot.

The allocation criteria for the award were divided into 40% price and 60% quality. Despite having only one provider to evaluate, a thorough evaluation process was conducted, considering both functional and non-functional requirements, as well as project execution capability. The contracting party described the process in the award letter as follows:

"The contracting party is satisfied with the submission and the work that Datec has put into its proposal, and perceives the proposal as generally well-described and well-thought-out. In the negotiation phase, several follow-up points were addressed, and these were, in the contracting party's opinion, well handled by Datec."

Jørgen Sannesmoen, CEO Datec
Jørgen Sannesmoen, CEO of Datec, is very pleased with the award


"This is clearly the largest single contract we have entered into within the healthcare sector in our entire 20+ year history! From the very beginning of the process, we have encountered a professional contracting party with solid experience, clear goals for, and requirements of the delivery. Qualifying for the assignment and winning this contract makes us proud," says Datec's CEO Jørgen Sannesmoen.

We at Datec are confident in our ability to carry out a professional delivery in close collaboration with Helse Vest, and together we aim to achieve the stated goals of the implementation. A more efficient patient flow, based on a smarter cleaning delivery is among the contract's clear objectives. Additionally, the goal is to achieve better quality in cleaning services delivery, improved planning, management, and reporting.

"We are pleased to have secured this agreement and look forward to the start of the project and a productive collaboration," says the head of the steering group at Helse Vest, Kari Riis, about their expectations for the future.

Kari Riis, Helse Vest
Head of the steering group at Helse Vest, Kari Riis