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Christmas gift of the year - 50,000 kroner to the Church City Mission

We at Datec are proud to donate 50,000 kroner to the Church City Mission's work in creating community work and breaking down barriers in our society.
Christmas gift handover

Every year at Datec, we distribute a Christmas gift in the form of financial support to one or more organizations that contribute to a better local community. All employees can submit their suggestions, and from among all proposals, one or more recipients are selected. This year, the gift feels especially meaningful, as we are aware that the lingering effects of the pandemic and the current economy mean that even more people are struggling on various levels.

- This year's Christmas gift of 50,000 kroner is not just a financial contribution but an opportunity to participate in breaking down barriers in society, regardless of who you are and why you need a place to be. Therefore, the gift this year goes in its entirety to the Church City Mission in Trondheim, says Marketing Manager Ann Mari Bade.

The Church City Mission makes a highly important effort to create a society where everyone has a place, regardless of their life situation. Through its diverse offerings, including employment initiatives, activities for children and youth, meeting places, and activities, they impact the lives of many and build bridges between people in all life situations, from around the world. All their initiatives are tailored to current needs and are non-denominational.

A special and very visible part of their efforts in Trondheim is the 'open care church' Vår Frues Kirke. A meeting point in the heart of Trondheim, where food and conversations are shared between volunteers and all their guests. This is important work that builds bridges and fosters connections between people, where no one judges, and everyone is welcome.

Datec's entire staff gathered at Vår Frues Kirke on December 13th to present the gift to Kari Lian, Business Relations Manager at the Church City Mission. This meeting not only gave us a chance to support our local community but also provided a unique insight into the impactful work of the Church City Mission. Being present, witnessing the dedication, and learning about the various initiatives created a deeper understanding and a strong sense of ownership of the gift we gave together. We were fortunate to share a heartwarming pre-Christmas moment with other guests that day and left with a sense of contributing to something meaningful for many. 

Kari Lian

Kari Lian, Business Relations Manager at the Church City Mission, shares more about the work they do and the importance of gifts like this.

Marius Bjørbu - chess

Datec employee Marius Bjørbu in deep concentration during a chess round with one of the other guests that day.

Christmas gift handover

Datec employees give out the Christmas gift of the year to Kari Lian at the Church City Mission 


- Our gift is not only a symbolic gesture but an integral part of our culture and social responsibility. We hope that this financial support contributes to making a tangible difference and inspires a society characterized by understanding, unity, and inclusion. We also express gratitude to Kari Lian for taking the time to provide us with more insight into how the funds will be used; such information leaves a lasting impact on all of us, says Datec's CEO, Jørgen Sannesmoen.

Together, we can participate in shaping a future where we all can cross bridges and find fellowship despite our differences.

Merry Christmas from all of us!